Hey there! πŸ‘‹ I’m Nick Glimsdahl

I’m the host of the Press 1 for Nick podcast, a Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS, a speaker on Customer Experience, Employee Experience & Digital Transformation, and a featured contributor for ICMI. My mission is to bring together digital transformation, customer expectations, and business objectives to create effortless customer experiences.

I’ve accumulated a diverse (and certainly unique) roster of experiences:

  •  Won five National Team Cross Country (XC) Championships
  •  Flew a Fokker Triplane (open cockpit) Airline
  •  Tried out for Amazing Race (the invitation must still be in the mail)
  •  Competed in a sprint triathlon, and while on the bike I was unintentionally stuck in the hardest gear, but still finished sixth

Personally, I enjoy smoking meat, watching hockey, and spending time with my awesome family.

You’re still here? Good.

Here is what you can expect from me:

  • You will hear insightful conversations on the Press 1 For Nick podcast
  • I will help you succeed by learning more about your needs and work backward to the solution, regardless of the problem
  • If I can’t help you, if possible, I will introduce you to some who can
  • Dad jokes

Here is my ask of you:

  • Listen and subscribe to the Press 1 For Nick podcast
    • If you find it fun, informative, and beneficial, consider writing me a review
    • If you don’t, share with me how I can improve
    • Invite me to come to speak at your next event (If interested, fill out the form below)
    • Spread the word

A few happy listeners said:


Fantastic Podcast!

Nick is bringing a fresh perspective and conversation to Customer Service and Customer Experience. His guests are expertly curated and the conversation natural and insightful. Definitely subscribe to this one.


Exceptional Podcast for Everyone in CX

Nick does a great job of getting leaders across various verticals to come on his podcast and discuss ways to really make your CX standout. Every episode I’ve hear gives me at least a couple thoughts on how to serve people better – that’s what I love.


Authentic, Insightful, and Refreshing

The Press 1 For Nick podcast is a refreshing balance of insightful content and authenticity. I can hear Nick’s passion for the CX field, and Nick knows just what questions to ask to provide his audience with thought-provoking, relevant discussions between himself and his guests.

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