Jamie Eubanks – CEO at Magical Vacation Planner [Grit]

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Welcome to the Press 1 For Nick podcast. My name is Nick Glimsdahl. My guest this week is Jamie Eubanks. She is the CEO of magical vacation planner. Welcome to the Press 1 For Nick podcast, Jamie.

Jamie Eubanks  0:14 

Thank you, Nick for having me today.

Nick Glimsdahl  0:16 

Yeah, one question that I ask every single guest is what is one thing that people might not know about you?

Jamie Eubanks  0:25 

Wow. Um, let me see one thing that’s that people may not know. I was a cheerleader in college. Like, they may not know that. But if they if they made me they probably wouldn’t surprise him.

Nick Glimsdahl  0:37 

Yeah, yeah. And I think people will understand your outgoing spirit. So I think you will see that cheerleading mentality throughout the rest of this podcast.

Oh, my lands.

So how did you go from setting your friends itineraries for free, and being known as the Disney lady to starting magical vacation planner.

Jamie Eubanks  1:02 

Wow, it actually just kind of happened by accident To tell you the truth. So to back up a little bit. I married JJ Eubanks. And I traveled around the globe with him for 14 years. So as soon as I graduated from college, I started traveling. So I went 14 years with no job, I did work at a hotel in Milan, Israel for a brief, you know, like during that season, but really, I went 14 years with having no job on my resume. So the thing that got me through the seasons was I was planning my trips, for the next time, we would be back in America. And so somehow, I just became known as the Disney lady. Because people would always reach out and say, Where do I eat? What do I do? How do I you know, maximize? How do I get the fast passes? How do I do this? So I would find myself, you know, working with people for an hour or two, and I loved it. I mean, I just absolutely loved it. And never in a million years did I ever think I could get paid to do the same thing that I was doing for free. So I actually went to college for travel and tourism, and then ended up staying and get a getting a Bachelor’s in marketing, business administration with a focus on marketing. But when JJ retired, I couldn’t find a job. Nobody wanted to hire me, because I was just, you know, this, this lady that has been doing nothing on my resume for 14 years. So I just, it just didn’t look real appealing. I did finally get a job at a local bank. But um, you know, that just kind of seemed to be like a dead end, I was just going nowhere fast with that. Um, so people were still coming to me about Disney. We opened up an eBay store, oddly enough, and we had Disney Vacation Club points. And I threw them on eBay. And it got taken down. And they said, you need to be registered in the state of California. And so as I was doing that, and long story short, I ended up getting my license, you know, our credentials to open the agency. So I could start planning and selling. Like, if I wanted to sell my DVC points, I could sell them. But then I found that people were calling me saying, hey, this, these dates don’t work for us. But we want we want these dates. Can you help me out? So I was like, it just kind of it just happened. And so as I was registering with the state of California, everything, you know, like, all these lights started going off. And that’s kind of how, that’s how it started. And I said, I wanted to travel agency, but I didn’t really want to do anything. But Disney and everybody’s like, there’s no way you can have a successful company and only do business. And I was like, but that’s all I want to do. So it’s really not about the money. It’s about what what I want. And Holy cow. Fast forward 14 years. And here we are. So yeah, yeah. tricked into it.

Nick Glimsdahl  3:52  

Yeah, tricks on them. You made it work.

Jamie Eubanks  3:55 

Right. And I mean, and you know, it was actually Dr. goldsby. That said to me, gosh, probably 10 or 11 years ago, he said, you know, if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life. And because I told him I said, this seems almost unfair. And this is back when I was booking, you know, and I was you know, we were just we were a very small agency and he always had such a wise words and phrases and things to say to me and I was just like it just this does not seem like work. And he said it’s because you love it and keep keep doing it. Don’t ever lose that. That passion. And I still haven’t. So

Nick Glimsdahl  4:32 

yeah, one thing that I thought was was kind of funny was JJ his first exposure to Disney was when you started talking to him about how awesome Space Mountain was.

Jamie Eubanks  4:45 

Absolutely. We lived in Israel that year. So I don’t even like 95 ish. I’m thinking of if I have my years right. And like I said before, like me planning a Disney vacation for nine months out of the year was what got me through living over sees with, you know, never many people that spoke English very isolated. And so all I did was all I did was plan this is before the internet. I mean, the internet wasn’t even, you know, like this is years before so I would get as many books as I could on Disney and then i would i would traipse them to whatever country we’re going to so so this was the first year that I did that, you know, and so I’m over there and I’m like, oh my Lance, can we please go to Disney? He’s like, yes. So um, I’m just telling him and a friend of ours, Avi gross that he worked with the team that he played for and he had been to Disney too and we just couldn’t believe that JJ has never been and so you know, we told him about Space Mountain and how it’s the best and the fastest roller coaster and it’s indoors and this and that. And yeah, he got there and he was a bit disappointed because that’s whenever I realized I think the top speeds like maybe 35 or something but to me I mean as a kid it just seems so thrilling and he’s like he went and john bungee jump or bungee did a bungee spring thing. I yeah, it was insane. I didn’t watch

Nick Glimsdahl  6:08 

but it one thing that from there. So he was not too excited. And and you kind of mentioned how you kind of built his expectation of so he thought I was going to be like, you know, 200 mile an hour ride roller coaster ride with gorillas hanging off the end and something something nuts but one thing that he realized once he was there that it was more than just writes.

Jamie Eubanks  6:32 

Yes. And that’s what I mean, I just looked at him. I was like, how can you not be happy and think that this is the best thing ever. But you’re 100% right, I over promise and under delivered. You know, it’s like I spent way too much time telling him about Space Mountain and how it’s the best ride. And, you know, I really didn’t tell him you know why Disney was so important to me that you know, it’s it’s seeing the castle, you know, and remembering it as a kid. And that is a planner is things that we have to watch. Because like somebody’s main, you can’t oversell the ride, you’ve got to you know, you’ve got to share the experiences and tell them you know, the sights, the smells, the just the memories that you make. Because even now, like we can obviously be like, Oh, well, you know, you’re going to go have breakfast with Mickey. And that’s going to be a huge point. You have to look beyond the tangible are the things that we can can see. It’s it’s about the memories, it’s about the feelings. It’s about seeing this through the eyes of your kids or seeing it through your eyes, the eyes of your husband, that’s that’s never, that’s never been there. So then I quickly learned that it was going to be important for me to say, Okay, well here, here’s, here’s the golfing. You know, what, what does he like that he’s going to enjoy? You know, he really liked the stamp show he you know, there were certain things that he liked. And so it’s like, I realized that everybody doesn’t see Disney like me. So that was a very good learning experience. For me as a planner, if I can, you know, if my husband isn’t completely impressed, you know, on his first experience, why would I ever want to set a client up for failure like that again?


he took one for the team.

Nick Glimsdahl  8:14 

Way to take one for the team JJ. So bringing it back to magical vacation planner, how are you training your planners to serve your guests?

Jamie Eubanks  8:28 

Now it’s, it’s it’s much different than it was before. And that’s the beauty of owning owning a business is you can kind of see where, where the needs and things are are. And we are really strong in our education and training series at MVP. Like we believe in that even pre COVID. This was so important to us. After March the 12th 15th timeframe, we had to kind of sit back and say, Hey, we need to revise this because things don’t look the same.

They like the way that we we talked to our guests the way that we experienced, you know, we really can’t have that face to face if you know we have some agents that do face to face, but we can’t do that, you know, so how do we how do we teach our agents? One the policies and procedures but to keep them involved? But three? How do they set up the expectations for their clients because Disney is different, and it’s very important. So that was, you know, I go back to the time where, you know, I over promised with JJ, you know, we have to share that with our guests. And Disney still magical. It’s just different. And if we don’t prepare our guests and say, you know, they the cavalcades are amazing you know, don’t focus on what Disney is not doing focus on what they are doing. And I’ve yet to see anybody that’s went and said, Oh, my trip was ruined because there was no parade. You just have to go and you have to experience And see it and be a part of this, if traveling now is something you want to do, you just have to see it from different eyes. So that that was one of the things we had to work with our agents. And they’ve been so amazing. And one of the best ways that they can help their clients, if they feel comfortable is come down here and experience it firsthand. Because it’s hard to explain something or prepare somebody for a vacation if you don’t really know. So if you don’t really know the what what the changes are, you know, if you don’t know, if you don’t know, and you can’t explain that, you really, you really benefit your guests, if you’ve been there and can can speak about it firsthand.

Nick Glimsdahl  10:45 

Yeah, and going about speaking at it about it firsthand. How important is clear communication to your employees and your guests.

Jamie Eubanks  10:55 

Well are, are they’re independent contractors. And so like they they train if they want to, like we can’t make them train. So we can, you know, we I always say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink, but they need to communicate, we need to communicate with our team, and our team then communicates with their guests. And so that’s, that’s so important. You know, the communication of it. And what we do is we have online training courses with our vendors, but we also have online training courses with our staff. And then I personally meet with our team leaders every Tuesday and Friday, they have the opportunity in small groups to come and just talk about like, what’s new, and a lot of the times, at least one person in that group has been to Disney, like in that week. So you know, they can kind of share like, Hey, this is what I experienced. So we believe in communication, education, and just being being in the know of what’s going on the policies, procedures, you know, that is so important, because we don’t want to set a guest up to come down here and, and be disappointed. And you know, I think we’ve done a really good job with that. And are you know, we’ve not heard a lot of complaints of Oh, I didn’t know I needed to wear a face cover. And just like a guest should never get to deal with me and be like, Oh, I didn’t know I need to do you know, basic things like that? You don’t? You know, because that could be that could be a shock to a guest that that comes to Disney if they didn’t know that. So we work really hard on preparing our agents so they can prepare their guests.

Nick Glimsdahl  12:29 

Yeah, no, that’s great when bring it all the way back to the time where you made that decision to, and we don’t need to get into all of it. But switching from Mitchell, Indiana, and moving you and your organization to Orlando, Florida. What was that? I mean, there had been a leap of faith for you guys, tell us tell me more about that.

Jamie Eubanks  12:52 

It definitely wasn’t leap of faith. But But you know, you go back to the 14 years of us traveling with JJ his career. So change really isn’t that big of a JJ and I adapt pretty quickly to change. Um, we did bring half of our staff is here, and half of our staff is still in Mitchell, Indiana, so our corporation is still based out of Indiana. And that’s been a little bit difficult because like communicating within we have zoom and you know, we have all the tools that everybody else does. And, and it’s it’s still a little bit difficult because, you know, like I said, there’s a handful of us that’s here. And then there’s a handful of us that’s still in Mitchell. And so it was a leap of faith. But you know, we had we had some we knew the possibilities. We knew, if we were down here we could serve as our team of independent contractors so much better so and you know, the the staff that we have in Mitchell, you know, they they don’t want to move down here. So I’m like, I can’t just say oh, well, we’re moving everybody down here. And if you don’t move, then you’re out. Because we have an amazing staff staff back in Mitchell, Indiana, and we just made it work. But

you know, our roots are in Mitchell and our you know, our hearts are there. It just our hearts in Orlando as well. So, you know, we have the best of both worlds, I would say,

Nick Glimsdahl  14:17 

yeah, if you could go back to the time when you first started your very first day, when you started MVP. What would you tell yourself?

Jamie Eubanks  14:28 

I’m not to think small I because I would say wasted probably two or three years thinking small. And it wasn’t. I would talk to Dr. goldsby often and that that that that relationship formed oddly like we were I was at the persimmon festival and he walked by and we just kind of crossed paths and and, you know, our friendship just evolved from there like I knew who he was, but he didn’t you know, he had no idea who I was. He knew my brother But, you know, we live in a small town. And so he was so kind and even taking time to just kind of adopt me as, as one of his, you know, one of the teams that he’s cheering for along his journey, because he’s, he has a lot on his plate.

Nick Glimsdahl  15:18 

And just to pause you for that, for people who don’t know who Dr. goldsby is, maybe share a little bit about what he’s up to. And, and you guys are kind of both in the both from Indiana. So it’s, it’s pretty cool. Sorry.

Jamie Eubanks  15:31 

We’re both from Mitchell, India, and I believe he’s five years older than me, but he’s a head of the entrepreneurship program at Ball State. And I’m sure he has a like an official title. But I always say he’s just he’s over the entrepreneurship at Ball State. And, and actually, I never even saw myself as an entrepreneur, I didn’t even know what an entrepreneur is. And, you know, he, he kind of opened my eyes to that. And it was one of the times that we were talking and, you know, he said, Why are you? Why don’t you see yourself as the best CEO in the industry. And I was like, I can’t spell I can’t put sentences together, you know, that are proper. And you know, so I start giving him all these excuses. And I’m laughing that he even is even saying this. And, and he’s like, No, I’m serious. He said, Well, did you know that like most entrepreneurs, like he gave me He gave me a percentage. And he’s like, you know, have dyslexia and they have problems reading and spelling. I was like, Really? So never at any point did I give myself permission to to see myself as a good CEO. And it was just nothing more than a title that was behind my name. Because when we filled out the business paperwork, that’s, you know, I had to get myself a title. And I asked the person that was filling it out. I was like, Well, what would the title be? And they said, Well, well, what do you do? And I just, I described it to him. He’s like, so you’re over everything, right? And I’m like, Yeah, he’s like, well, that would make you the CEO. And I was like, okay, so it was just really a means of, I had to have a title. And it was a comma, title after my name. It was really nothing any more than that until Dr. goldsby started, you know, and you can’t just throw that on somebody and be like, okay, think big, you know, you got to kind of chip away, and thank heavens, you know, like, I had him I had JJ and then later came Dan, and, you know, so many other people have come into our lives. And JJ is uh, he’s, he’s a big thinker, too. And I thought I was a big thinker, thought outside of Mitchell, Indiana, Lawrence County, or Indiana in general. And it’s like, but then I started seeing that, you know, some of my biggest clients were coming from California, from Ohio, from, you know, from Kentucky from different areas, people that I never even met. And so I would tell the the new CEO of magical vacation planner to not sell herself short. Like that’s, that’s what I would say, and just think big, and be a forward thinker and not not get stuck on limitations.

Nick Glimsdahl  18:10 

Yeah, one thing that you said at the very beginning, was people didn’t believe that you could be the Disney lady and have a business out of it. So how do you feel when someone says you can accomplish something?

Jamie Eubanks  18:28 

Oh, that is actually fuel for me. Like, I actually thrive now before I think I would, I think, years ago, I would have listened and said, Yeah, you’re probably right. But I’ve seen agents even within our organization, that didn’t realize that they could be as successful as they are. And and I think for me, it’s I’ve said it before, like MVP is so much bigger than than a travel agency. It’s a it’s a way of thinking it’s, uh, you know, what, if you set your, your, your goals to something you can achieve them. And so for me, that’s, that’s what it’s really been, is to encourage others to say, if I can, if I can do this, and we can, we can do this together. And we’re powerful, like, like, the numbers are powerful, and it gives us leverage with our vendors. And, and this isn’t just accomplished by me or JJ, it is a team effort. It is it is our staff, it is our contractors, and, and a lot of us were stuck, you know, not stuck. That’s probably not the right word. But a lot of us were, you know, we were we were moms or we were you know, stay at home dads or we had jobs but we didn’t like them. And then we started doing this because everybody that’s with our agency, they were either known as the Disney lady or the Disney guy. So they were in the same boat I was so we’re just showing them away to get paid while doing this.

Nick Glimsdahl  20:00 

Yeah, I actually saw, I was actually on my way back to my house from a department store. And I see this it was basically a Disney lady swag and a car and it was fully red had the license plate, it had pictures all over it. And I was like, that is the Disney lady. That is what Jamie is talking about.

Jamie Eubanks  20:22 

Yeah. And if you you know, if you’ve met somebody like you, you know, like they, you know, when you meet a Disney fanatic and exuberates in so many ways, and it just, they’re, it’s almost like a light that just shines. And it’s so much more than a theme park. It’s it’s the it’s a way of living, it’s a way of thinking it’s a way of being and that I think, you know that in the car that you saw, you probably thought Ah, that’s what she’s talking about.

Nick Glimsdahl  20:52 

Absolutely. Absolutely. So why, through all of the restrictions and stuff going on? 2020 2021 Why is it a good time to go to Disney now?

Jamie Eubanks  21:06 

Well, um, as we’ve talked before, I it is very important that if you do travel to Disney, that you understand the procedures and the policies, and that it is right for you and your family right now isn’t that you know, it’s not right for everybody. But if it is right, and you feel comfortable going, the lines are lower than then then normal. At the beginning. I mean, they were really low, like in July and August. The lines, like you just basically walked on now. I mean, there’s you know, 20 minute 30 minute weights. We went over there the day after Christmas, and it was just so it was so weird, because normally it is wall to wall people. And it was crowded. I mean, don’t get me wrong, like it was, I think they said they were at 35 or 40% capacity, because now they limit it. So you have to get a reservation to get in the park. So, um, but I’m like, never will we ever be able to see a Christmas time like this again, because I’m guessing probably in 2021 2022, we’re going to see like, definitely 2022 I think we’ll be back to full capacity. And while the wall at Christmas time, and if you if you been to Disney at Christmas, you know what I’m talking about. I mean, they usually have to shut the park down by 10 o’clock, because of they reach capacity. And so, you know, I mean, I think for me, that is just i, this isn’t going to last forever. And so to see it and to be a part of it, you know, in 1020 years, when we’re telling our stories of what did you do during COVID? Like, what, what got you through the hard times? What are some of your more enjoyable memories, you know, we we can share, you know, well back then, you know, it’s like Disney LLR things changed, but this is how they were able to open and open safely, and also lead many other companies into saying, Hey, this is how you can get through COVID and keep your guests safe. You know, travel is such a big part of our lives, and it just came to a halt. And so they’re doing a you know, they’re doing their best and how to protect us, you know, social distancing, you know, they’ve got the markers in the line. So so people don’t don’t get near each other. Now, does that mean that people you know, you’re not going to see a picture or video or to online of people, you know, you get a cluster? Absolutely. I mean, it’s human nature. But you know, you we we as MVPs, prepare our clients that and say, You know what, if you see a crowd, like go a different direction, you don’t go into an area that you believe is going to bottleneck and I gave last week when I was talking to the team I gave the example of I just got off of Pirates of the Caribbean and I was walking towards Splash Mountain, but a cavalcade which is kind of like their new parades. But just small little cavalcade was coming through and I could see the people that right before the floats come out. And there was already probably about 10 people deep, right where they put the robes up. And so I just I turned around and when it you know, I was like yeah, because this is gonna get crowded quickly. So you have to be you have to pay attention to your surroundings. And that I think is what what we have to reiterate to people is is it’s the rules and the guidelines are only as good as the people following them.

Nick Glimsdahl  24:36 

Yep, it but you at the end of the day, you’re still able to experience the magic. Oh,

Jamie Eubanks  24:42 

absolutely. And I mean, even if you just go and walk around, I mean, it’s just I remember when we went in July, March the 15th. We are that was the last day of our conference and we actually come home and took a nap and I woke up and I said I want to go watch the fireworks because I’ve just got Really weird feeling that it might be a while before we see him again. And so we had our nieces and nephews, and we went and there was like, I mean, there was a ton of ton of Mbps because our conference had just ended. So they had stayed and they were leaving the next day. And the crazy and embarrassing thing is the next day my dad calls me up. He’s like, Oh, my lands. Did you see all those crazy people at Disney all clustered up like there’s a virus out there. Because see at this time, I mean, I know that there’s something

bad, but I’m still it’s I hadn’t

I hadn’t absorbed it yet. And then he paused because I didn’t, I didn’t have a response. He goes, You guys were there. And I was like, yeah, and he’s like, You’re crazy. And I’m like, I know. But so anyway, so from being there, and being shamed for my dad for being there on March the 15th, when he never does stuff like that, but it was just kind of like, Ooh, yeah, that was that was us. Um, but when it reopened in July, there was just something special about being there when it reopened. And I mean, it was the capacity was very low. Disney did a good job at just kind of making sure they can manage the crowds. And you know, there’s just something special about being in there. And like I said, even if you don’t ride the rides, or you don’t, just being there walking around hearing the music, seeing the cast members, you know, it’s so nice, because a lot of cast members, their jobs, you know, were Terminator, they were furloughed or laid off. And so it was just nice to see that they had their jobs back. And, and, you know, just in just hoping that this goes, Well, I mean, you know, none of us know what the outcome is going to be. But I do trust Disney. And that, you know, I knew, I know that they have a lot of people that that are much smarter than I am that know how to navigate through these hard


Nick Glimsdahl  27:00 

Yeah. So you’ve been through. You’ve been doing this a long time. You’ve been a Disney lady since the beginning. If you could go on one last Disney trip, and you had 24 hours? What would you do? Oh,

Jamie Eubanks  27:17 

I think

I this is gonna sound crazy. But I think it would be on a cruise ship. And I think it would be at Castaway key. There’s just something special about that island. It’s Disney, but it’s paradise all in one. So I think that I would just spend that 24 hours, like on the ship, and then and then finishing it off at Castaway key. Nice. Nice. So, Jamie, I

Nick Glimsdahl  27:39 

wrap up every podcast with two questions. Okay. And the first question is, is what book or person has influenced you the most in the past year? And then the second one is if you could leave a note to all the customer experience or customer service professionals, and it’s gonna hit everybody’s desk Monday at 8am. What would it say?

Jamie Eubanks  27:59 

Okay, repeat. Okay, the first one, you’ve got me stumped. Because I am not a huge book reader. I mean, the books that I have read. There, there was a book, but I’m gonna have to have you repeat the second one, but I’ll answer the one. So there was a book. And like I said, I’m not a huge reader. But you know, I’ve read, of course, all of Dan’s books, and Dr. goldsby books, and I apply all of those. But there was a book that we were flying. It was when things reopened. And we were flying down to Mexico, and I was just kind of having a really hard time. And, you know, we were just kind of dealing with a lot of things. And I stopped in one of the little kiosk and I got a book and it’s, I believe it’s running with your head down. I may have to look that up. And if I’m wrong, then you can kind of put a little blurb that I have that I had it wrong. Yeah. But it was about a guy that like his story was very similar to mine, he, he started this softball league, it was just kind of by accident, you know, kind of like how we started MVP, and it was just by accident, and the challenges that he had in this book. I mean, it was as if I wrote this book, I mean, and just like, play by play, these things are happening. So I read that and, and that changed my mindset. And I would say that was probably in June or July that I read that I could I could be off on my time a little bit. Um, but it helped me to know that I’m not the only one that has these feelings of Am I doing a good job? You know, and you have so many other outside factors that are just kind of coming at you. And so for me, it really didn’t have things to apply, but it just made me say, you know what, I am doing an okay job and it’s okay to do an okay job. And as long as you’re doing your best, that’s really all that that we can, you know, I mean, that’s all I can do. So I would say you know, outside of Dr. goldsby, or Dan or even Lee cockerels books That would be a non Disney book that I think really kind of changed my mindset. Okay. So when you ask the first one, I kind of panicked a little bit, because like

I said, I’m like, Oh my god, like, I

actually like I’ve read stuff, but I couldn’t like I just kind of panic there.

Nick Glimsdahl  30:15 

Yep. So the second one. Yeah, it says, if you can leave a note to all the customer service or customer experience professionals, and it’s gonna hit everybody’s desk at 8am, what would it say?

Jamie Eubanks  30:28 

Um, it would say, treat everybody like you would like to be treated, put yourself on the other side of the phone. And just be kind because the people on the other end, may be having a bad day, and you may be the only light of sunshine that they see. So treat them kind and bring some magic to their life.

Nick Glimsdahl  30:46 

I love that. What is the best way so somebody wants to book a trip? And they’re saying, Man, this MVP sounds pretty amazing. I want to start getting in front of Disney again. I’ve never taken a trip. I don’t know what to do next. How do people get ahold of MVP?

Jamie Eubanks  31:02 

Well, Our website is www magical vacation planner.com. But an easy way to find an agent is if you’re on like Facebook, just put magical vacation planner by and then somebody that way, it’s just somebody will pop up. And so and then just look and see what they’re saying. What are they saying on their? Their? Their page? What are they? You know, are they are they updating, you know, is the last time they posted something in March if it is then that may not be like go to the next one. So you know, look to see who’s actively educating their people from their pages. We you know, if you want to call the office, you could and we can direct you to somebody but a lot of times if you just search that on Facebook, you’re going to the right person will will come to you. So

Nick Glimsdahl  31:49 

sounds great. Jamie, I really appreciate your time and I wish you the best of luck here in 20.

Jamie Eubanks  31:54 

Thank you Nick and it has been such a pleasure to talk to you today.


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Nickโ€™s guests – each with a unique wealth of knowledge – include leaders from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Some of his guests include:

  • Customer service & customer experience leaders
  • A hostage negotiator
  • Award-winning authors
  • Home Depotโ€™s Senior Director of Customer Care
  • Former VP of Disneyโ€™s Magic Kingdom
  • Lyftโ€™s Head of Partner and Customer Engagement
  • Deputy Chief Veteran Experience Officer from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

On every episode Nick asks his guest two questions:

  1. What book or person has influenced you the most in the past year?
  2. If you could leave a note to all the Customer Service and CX professionals, what would it say?

You can find all the podcast guests’ answers under their episodes below.

If all you want is the guests’ book recommendations, you can go here.

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